Make Money Blogging – 10 Steps To
Repurpose Your Existing Posts Into Podcasts

Make Money Blogging - 10 Steps To Repurpose Your Existing Posts Into Podcasts

Profits From Podcasts

Multiply The Effectiveness And Profits
From Old Posts By Using The Distribution
Channels Available To Quality Podcasts

One of the main overall objectives is to diversify your income base and increase your authority status.

More profit channels should mean more financial stability.

Instead of relying solely on your blog with some social media marketing thrown in the mix, you should widen your distribution networks through podcasts and videos.

Today's post is a simple and direct strategy to take your old posts and convert them to podcasts in 10 steps.

The basic steps are meant for WordPress blogs, so you may have to modify them for other blogging platforms.

The basic strategy is to take one category of your posts and create a series of separate podcasts focused on that narrow topic.

  1. On your WordPress dashboard click "All Posts".
  2. From the top menu click "View all categories" and select the category you want to focus on for podcasts. Then, click the "Filter" link.
  3. Enter your primary keyword in the "Search Posts" box at the top right. The number of posts found will appear right below the search box.
  4. Review the content of each post with the "View" function. You want to make a list of the urls of each post that is suitable for repurposing to a podcast. Make the list hyperlinked.

    You may want to combine two or more posts into one podcast.
  5. Download the free software Audacity in order to record your podcast.
  6. Review my previous post Make Money Online – Start A Regular Schedule Of Podcasting
  7. Have a custom logo designed for your podcast/blog at Fiverr
  8. Review video 3, Exporting and Tagging Your MP3 File. Very important to get those procedures correct.
  9. Sign-up with Blog Talk Radio
    Once you log in you will see "Show Marketing Tips" such as Using social media to market your show (very good info).

    Blog Talk Radio is a very good place to practice your podcasting skills and everything you have learned from Pat Flynn's podcasting tutorial.

    You can only upload 3 audio files with the free version, but you should perfect your descriptions, tags, and use of the Blubrry PowerPress Plugin.
  10. Review your hyperlinked list of posts to establish the best logical and productive sequence for your podcasts.

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Make Money Online – Start A Regular Schedule Of Podcasting

Podcast Directories Are Resources That Can Be Very Potent In Increasing Your Authority Status And Profits


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