Make Money Online – Start A
Regular Schedule Of Podcasting

Make Money Online - Start A Regular Schedule Of Podcasting

The Power Of Podcasts

You Must Expand Your Reach
Beyond Your Normal Blogging
Audience And Include The Large
Segment That Tunes Into Podcasts

In order to make money online it is best to reach as wide an audience as possible.

While it is routine to blog, tweet, and use other social media, podcasting remains a largely neglected area which can be extremely profitable.

I plead guilty to neglect in this area. I've intended to do some podcasts, but . . . .
(I've run out of excuses).

Anyway, I viewed and evaluated a 6-part video tutorial on podcasting by Internet marketing guru, Pat Flynn.

The link to the free tutorial is below, but first take note of some insights I provide on each individual video tutorial:

  • Video 1: Podcasting Equipment and Software
    Do not be discouraged by the equipment requirements listed. Free resources like Audacity can be a completely cost-free alternative.

    In addition, many newer laptops have sufficient installed microphones so no external microphone is needed for adequate podcasts.
  • Video 2: My Top 10 Recording Tips
    Very solid tips. Simple but valuable. Note especially the call to action tip.
  • Video 3: Exporting and Tagging Your MP3 File
    Technical info. Essential info but easy to understand.

    I did download the Levelator but it is not always necessary to use it.
  • Video 4: Web and Media Hosting
    I gained valuable info on web hosting of podcasts, but I do not agree at all with the dismissal of free resources like Blog Talk Radio

    If you save all your Mp3 files of your podcasts on your hard-drive, problems with free resources disappearing are minimal.

    Also, I recommended GoGVO for web hosting of your blog. (my affiliate link).
  • Video 5: Setting Up Your Feed and Publishing Your 1st Episode
    I did download the Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin 5.0.4.

    The explanation of configuring this complex plugin is strikingly clear and easy to follow.
  • Video 6: Submitting Your Feed to iTunes and Other Directories
    Later this week I will publish a list of podcast directories for future reference.

    The fact that these directories will update with your latest podcasts through your feed is an extremely powerful feature to help you make money blogging.

6-Part Video Podcasting Tutorial


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