How To Grow Your Targeted Traffic With
This Shrewd Blog Comments Technique

How To Grow Your Targeted Traffic With This Shrewd Blog Comments Technique

Can’t Keep These
Blog Comments A Secret

Build Relationships With Bloggers
Who Actively Comment On Blogs Other
Than Your Own And Who Contribute
Knowledge In Your Area Of Focus

The ultimate goals of today’s revealed strategy:

  • Build relationships with influential bloggers who are active in closely related areas of your blog’s focus
  • Attract targeted traffic
  • Increase your own authority status

There are several steps you should have in place to make the strategy easy to implement:

  1. A list (2-5) of blogs in your area of focus that regularly get significant numbers of blog comments in response to their posts.

    You should follow these blogs through their RSS feeds OR:

    Set up alerts through Google or Alertwalker as specified in this post:

    5 Powerful Steps To Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Website With An Easy-To-Set-Up Blog Comment Strategy
  2. A spreadsheet or a resource like Evernote to record the blogger name, url of his/her blog, and quote from a comment they made.
  3. A separate page on your blog where the sign up form to your email list is located.

The essence of this strategy is simple but powerful.

You are going to list the names, blog urls, and valuable comments made by other bloggers on the list of blogs that you are maintaining as suggested above.

Then, you are going to visit their blogs and make comments on a recent relevant post, but you are going to reference where you recently encountered them.

If your meaningful comment is related to their other blog comment that generated your visit, great, but it is not really necessary.

Above all, add value with your comment.

Follow up your original comment with one or two others over the course of a week.

Over a three week span you should accumulate at least six comments on one particular blog.

But you want to be sure to monitor responses from the blogger and answer them (build the relationship-sometimes by asking questions).

Duplicate this process with more than one blogger at the same time.

Whenever your comment is approved and published, ping the blog post url (minus the comment#) with Pingler

Finally, whenever you make a comment, in the slot for a website url, enter the url to your opt-in list page.

Since you are making meaningful, relevant comments that add value, many readers will be highly likely to click on your name (taking them to your opt-in form).

Adding value through comments is guaranteed to make your opt-in list grow!! Start today!

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