How To Use Twitter Lists To Build
Productive Online Relationships — UPDATED

How To Use Twitter Lists To Build Productive Online Relationships — UPDATED

Master The Use
Of Twitter Lists

Build Lists That Have A Specific
Narrow Focus And Alert Members Of
Your Lists To Relevant Quality Content

Ok. Let’s start with a short list of the benefits of taking advantage of Twitter Lists.

  • Build relationships
  • Grow your authority status
  • Increase retweets of quality content
  • Ease of following tweets of list members
  • Improved social media productivity
  • The public can subscribe to (and easily follow) a list
  • Build private lists
  • Never run out of relevant quality content to share

How To Set Up A Twitter List

Simple and easy to do.

-1- Log in and click on “Lists” from the top menu of your Twitter account.

-2- In the right column you will see a graphic like the one below:

-3- When you click on the “Create a new list” link, the following will pop up:

The list name you enter should be specific and definitive.

You can add some marketing zing in the description.

Notice that you can make your list public or private.

Save your list. So easy, so simple!

How To Add New List Members

When you access the profile page of a member you want to add to a particular list, look for the Follow icon with 3 dots to the right:

Click the 3 dot icon to the right of “Follow” or “Following” and then click on “Add or remove from lists…”

Your lists will popup and look like this:

Just click the appropriate box to add the member.

When you are on your own Twitter profile page, click on “Lists” from the top menu.

Your list inventory will show up and click on the list title. Record the list url such as the one below.

Take the urls of your Twitter lists and promote through PingFarm ==>> Ping the urls once per week.

Once you have your lists set up you can nourish these benefits.

Build relationships

  • It’s easy to locate relevant quality content to retweet simply by following the tweet streams of your lists. Also, you can merely “like” relevant quality tweets.
  • Suggest in a tweet that individuals subscribe to your list, include list url.
  • Be sure to have a “Retweeted” list of those who have retweeted your content

  • Have at least one list of those who have “liked” any of your tweets.
  • Visit the blogs/websites of those who retweet or like your content and comment on their quality posts.
  • Make individual lists just for those who “like” your tweets on specific subjects or within specific categories on your blog.

    You could set up a “private” list for each category on your site and add anyone who “likes” a relevant tweet.

Grow your authority status

  • Include yourself (where appropriate) in the lists you create.
  • Publicize your lists with regularly scheduled tweets of the list urls urging those interested to follow (subscribe to) the list.

    Use the top social bookmarking sites to promote your lists.

Improved social media productivity

Build private lists

  • Probably you should keep your “Retweeted” list private
  • Build a private high priority list(s) of any individuals you want to develop a relationship with.

    Be certain to have a list of everyone who has included you on a list they created.

  • Make one or more lists of those who tweet with specific, relevant, important hashtags.


Do you have any other ways to use or benefit from Twitter lists?? If so, indicate them in the comments below.


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