1. Hey, i have just read your post on updating old posts. Which was helpful to me. I stayed on you website for little more time i found this article.I understand the importance long tail keywords. But i have a question for you. I’m a newbie.So should i give importance to longtail keywords which usually have a low search volume or one word keywords which usually have high search volume?
    This is first time i’m hearing about google correlate. thank you for that too

    1. Hi Sunil:

      I appreciate your comment, sorry for the long delay in answering.

      If you are a new blogger, you will find it much easier to rank for
      long tail keywords than one word, high demand keywords.

      The advantage is that the collective traffic from multiple keywords
      can exceed the traffic from a high demand, especially if you do not
      reach the #1 spot in the SERPS.

      Try this resource Answer The Public for long tail suggestions.

      Best of success,


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