Blog Content Ideas – Use This Technique
For An Endless Supply Of Ideas And Info

Blog Content Ideas - Use This Technique For An Endless Supply Of Ideas And Info

Simple Potent Tactic
For Blog Content ideas

Try This Tactic Whenever You
Want Very Specific Info On A
Particular Topic From One Bog
Or A Definite Selection Of Blogs

Don't know exactly why but I have been depressed the past couple of days and haven't done a blog post.

As I am writing this I am watching the baseball all star game in America. (Go American League!)

I have done a series of posts on blog content, and this post is a simple but very effective research step to get valuable relevant content for posts.

I hope by now you have a series of blogs that you follow on topics important to you.

Many of these blogs will have a custom search function, but the results often have too many choices.

Use this research process:

Enter the domain url for the blog with the forward slash followed by ?tag=keyword.

Here's an example for this blog with the keyword "blog content".

The search results will list all my posts where I have included the tag "blog content".

This list will be valuable to all readers who want more info on blog content, but is also valuable to me to compile a list of "related posts" that follows every post I make.

Not all blogs have tags attached to their posts.

I hope this post will deepen everyone's understanding of the importance of attaching relevant tags to your posts or Web site content.

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This post was written by Robert A. Kearse on July 12, 2011

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