Viral Blog Traffic Based On
Photo-Submission Site Traffic

Viral Blog Traffic Based On Photo-Submission Site Traffic

Viral Traffic benefits

Develop Your Own Source Of
Proprietary Content That
You Can Use In Videos To
Propel Intense Viral Traffic

Videos that you create that are uploaded to YouTube and other video hosting sites can be a powerful unending source of traffic to your sites.

There are four types of content that serve as traffic magnets:

  1. Humor
  2. Shock
  3. Cute
  4. Sex

While I hope you don't use the 4th type of content, if you use humorous, shocking, or cute photos in the videos you create, you may succeed in generating viral traffic that results in massive long-term traffic.

Two free tools to use in your video creation are Windows Movie Maker and Create Videos Free

One very powerful strategy to gather photo images for your videos is to start one or more of your own photo-submission sites.

As you promote these photo-submission sites, you will have a greater inventory of images to create more and more videos which will generate more and more traffic.

This strategy can create a beneficial cycle that never ends.

Here is a link to a site that provides pre-built Web sites that you can download for a fee.

Click the link below, and look for the green Limited Items icon. Click on the Rate My Photo link.

Get Your Own Photo-Submission Site

This basic strategy was outlined in detail in the PDF ebook I recently recommended:

1,000 Visitors In 24 Hours

Highly recommended!

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